Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phone Answering Service

With a Phone Answering Service, You will Never Miss a Call Again.

In a fast paced business environment, it is not always possible to answer all your phone calls. NYC Virtual Office offers an unprecedented phone answering service which will ensure you never miss a call again. NYC Virtual Office gives you a complete virtual office solution. In addition to a mailing address, you can also add on the voicemail service, which comes with a unique New York, New York phone number. All voice messages received on this number can be accessed by telephone or can be emailed to you in an audio file.

Additional Services to Phone Answering Services.

In addition to phone answering services, you can also have a fax mail service for a small monthly fee. You can send faxes from a domestic number and overseas clients can fax their clients all over the U.S. Did I mention that you can get a PO Box address on New York’s 5th Avenue? NYC Virtual office is the perfect platform for foreign clients to expand their business into the U.S since it offers a New York based business address, which will make you more credible. If you wish to expand your business into the global market, click on www.nycvirtualoffice.com for your total, global virtual office solutions.