Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Virtual Office

Virtual office for business people on the move

Having your own office in today’s economy can be very costly. Therefore a virtual office is the feasible option for those who do business quickly and are always on the move. NYC Virtual Offices offers complete global mail forwarding and receiving service as well as fax mail and voicemail services. Imagine having your own mailing address on New York’s prestigious 5th Avenue. In addition you also get a unique New York metro area phone number for voice and fax services. You will get notified on all mail packages sent to this address and then have the option of collecting them or forwarding them to another address.

Get the competitive edge with a Virtual Office

With low rates and easy application process you can soon get the upper hand by having a virtual office where all your mailing needs are taken care of for you. All your mail and information is kept confidential, and you can even use your address for banking. Incorporating your existing business with a virtual office is as easy as completing a simple application. Our revolutionary mail checker ensures prompt service. Don’t hesitate visit and discover how you can completely revolutionize your business today.