Monday, June 1, 2009

Mail Receiving Service

A Hassle Free Mail Receiving Service.

Are you tired of always having to make many trips to your post office, to pick up your mail? NYC Virtual office can assist in providing a mail receiving service for businesses as well as for individuals, who don’t always have the time to fetch their mail. When signing up with them you will receive a unique New York physical address where all you mail receiving and forwarding needs will be taken care of. At this address you have the option of either collecting your mail personally, or having it forwarded to your home address.

How a Mail Receiving Service Works.

After applying, you will be provided with a 5th Avenue, New York physical address. When new mail or packages are received at this address, you will be notified by means of an electronic notification system, of your new mail. You then have the option to collect or have your mail forwarded to you, or another specified address, on a predetermined day of the week. For a complete mail receiving service as well as other office solutions such as voicemail and fax mail services, visit