Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mail Receiving Service

Reliable Mail Receiving Services.

Whether you are a business or private individual, NYC Virtual Office can offer you a mail receiving service that will save you time and money. Unlike a conventional post office box, they provide you with a unique physical address on 5th Avenue, New York. At this address you can receive all your items and packages which usually cannot be delivered to your PO Box. With this physical address you can be sure that you will never miss a package again. The service also allows you to forward and send any of your mail to a given location.

The Benefits of a Mail Receiving Service.

The mail receiving service offered by NYC Virtual Office can help save you time as you wont need to make daily trips to your post office to collect your mail. Whenever a new package or new mail arrives, you are sent an electronic notification that you have mail. You then have the option of having your mail forwarded directly to your home, or if you wish you may come and collect it yourself. You can also decide to have all your mail sent to you on a predetermined day of the week and you will be notified that your mail is on its way to you. Need a 5th Avenue address? Visit