Friday, June 5, 2009

Mailbox Services

Complete Mailbox Services.

NYC Virtual Office can provide you with your own mailbox services at a low price. Their service is a comprehensive mail receiving and forwarding solution. You can have them take care of your mail needs, without worrying about losing any mail, or making excessive trips to the post office.

Where Your Mail is sent to when you have a Mailbox Service.

When you sign up for mailbox services from NYC Virtual Office, you are assigned a unique physical address on 5th Avenue, New York. All mail and packages can be sent to you at this address and you have the option of collecting it, or having it forwarded to you at your convenience.

Mail Notifications with your Mailbox Services.

Whenever you receive new mail it is sorted and placed in your mailbox. You are then sent an electronic notification that you have received new mail. When mail is sent out, or forwarded to you, you are again notified that your mail is on its way to you. For mailbox services as well as many other great virtual office solutions, visit