Thursday, July 23, 2009

Business Answering Service

Private Business Answering Service

With an ever tightening economy, it is not possible for a growing business to hire staff to do all the extra work demanded from an expanding company. The downside to growth is that you need someone to do the tasks such as taking messages that take up a lot of time that you can use on more important matters. NYC Virtual Office is able to provide you with a business answering service as well as other office solutions at a fraction of the cost of having to hire someone to do it for you.

How a Business Answering Service Works

A business answering service provides you with a unique phone number that can be used for voicemail and fax mail needs. You can give your clients this number as an alternative contact number for when they are unable to reach you. They can call this number anytime of the day. Your messages can be retrieved by you at anytime from any phone number, or can be sent to you via email in an audio file. To learn more about business answering and other great office solutions from NYC Virtual Office, visit