Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Business Mail Address

Personal Business Mail Address

In order to expand a small business it is essential to have a business mail address where all business mail can be received and forwarded. NYC Virtual Office offers mail services that will provide your business with its own unique physical address on New York’s well known 5th Avenue. You can use this address to receive mail and then have the mail forwarded to any address in the world. You are notified of new mail when it arrives and also notified of forwarded mail when it is sent out. All your mail needs can be taken care of without you ever having to leave your home or office.

Cost of a Business Mail Address

NYC Virtual Office offers their business mail address and mail receiving and forwarding costs for a nominal monthly fee. You are not required to take out any lengthy contracts and can cancel your subscription at any given time. Their sign up procedure has been simplified and can be done within a few minutes at . In addition to mail services, NYC Virtual Office also offers many other services and virtual office solutons.