Monday, July 6, 2009

Mail Forwarding Services

Complete Mail Forwarding Services

If you are looking for complete mail forwarding services to send mail all over the world, at a very low price then mail forwarding services from NYC Virtual Office are for you. You are given your own physical mailbox address where you can receive mail and then have it forwarded anywhere in the world. Whenever you receive mail you are notified by means of an electronic notification system which will save you the hassle of being unsure of going to pick up your mail if it is not there. When you forward a package, you will also be notified that your package has been sent so that you have an idea of when it will arrive.

Costs and Registration for Mail Forwarding Services

The cost of forwarding your own mail globally can run into hundreds of dollars. NYC Virtual Office charges a nominal monthly fee that is lower then many other mail forwarding services of this type. You are also not obliged to take out any contract and can cancel your subscription at your own discretion. All rates are available on and you may also register for the service online within a few minutes.