Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mail Receiving

Affordable Mail Receiving Service

If you are looking for an affordable mail receiving service for your business, that will allow you to receive and forward mail anywhere in the world, then look no further than NYC Virtual Office. They offer a comprehensive mail receiving services at a very competitive monthly rate that will take care of your businesses mail needs. You will always be notified of new mail and packages that are received and can have the mail picked up or forwarded to a predetermined address. The service is reliable and usually more efficient than the U.S mail Service.

How a Mail Receiving Service Works

When you register for NYC Virtual Offices mail receiving service you are allocated a unique physical PO Box address to use as a postal business or personal address. Whenever you receive mail at this address you are notified of this mail or package via an electronic notification system. If you choose you can forward mail to clients from this address as well. Registration can be done on where you will also find the costs of the service as well as great deals on other fantastic virtual office solutions.