Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Voicemail Answering

Reliable Voicemail Answering

If you have a growing business that is losing clients due to not being able to take all calls, you should consider getting a voicemail service. NYC Virtual Office offers a reliable voicemail answering service that will ensure that you don’t miss another important message or call again. The service is affordable and you are allocated your own unique phone number which you can use as an alternative for clients to leave a message when you cannot take their calls. In addition to the service being offered to businesses, NYC Virtual Office offers this great service to individuals as well.

Retrieving Messages from your Voicemail Answering Service

Whenever you have new voice messages NYC Virtual Office will notify you of them via their electronic notification system. You can retrieve your messages from any phone with a password or pin code that you have chosen. You will also have the option of having your messages forwarded to you via email i9n an audio file format that you can listen to at your own discretion. Signup for voicemail answering services can be done in a few minutes at