Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voicemail Answering

Voicemail Answering Services for Home or Business

NYC Virtual Office provides comprehensive voicemail answering services for home or business use. Their revolutionary service will ensure that you never miss an important message. When you sign up for this service, you are assigned a unique phone number that you can use as an alternative contact number for when you are unavailable or busy on the other line. The service is cost effective and reliable and you do not have to sign any long term contracts.

Security offered by Voicemail Answering

You can be sure that the phone number which is assigned to you by NYC Virtual Office is a secure and private line and your information won’t be sold to any third party companies. You choose a secure access code which you need to use in order to retrieve your messages. You also have the option of getting your messages emailed to you in the form of an audio file which you can listen to and save on your computer for further references. To sign up for voicemail answering as well as a range of other complete virtual office services, visit www.virtualoffice.com and follow the simple application procedure which can be completed within a few minutes.