Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mail Receiving Service

Cost Effective Mail Receiving Service

NYC Virtual Office is able to provide a cost effective mail receiving service to businesses as well as private individuals that will allow you to receive and forward mail globally. Their mail receiving services are comprehensive and affordable and you can rest assured that all your mail needs are taken care of. They notify you of all new mail and mail packages that you receive and you then have the option to collect your mail or have it forwarded to any address chosen by yourself once a week. The service is quicker and more efficient than traditional postal services.

How a Mail Receiving Service Operates

When signing up for a NYC Virtual Offices mail receiving service you are provided with a private physical postal address which you will be able to use as a personal or business address. As soon as you receive new mail you will be notified by an electronic notification system. You are able to forward your mail to any international address or can have it forwarded directly to your door step. Sign up can be done at www.nycvirtualoffice.com where you can also learn about the other great virtual office services by NYC Virtual Office.