Monday, August 3, 2009

Mailbox Rental

Advantages of a Mailbox Rental Service

The most important advantage of a mailbox rental service is the time and money you will save by having your mail receiving and forwarding needs taken care of. Certain providers such as NYC Virtual Office offer a global mailing service to its clients at a fraction of the usual cost of sending the mail out yourself. Another advantage is that you are notified whenever you receive e new mail via an electronic notification system, so you will no longer have to make unnecessary trips to the post office. NYC Virtual Office will provide you with a unique physical address that is private and secure and won’t be shared with anyone else.

Mailbox Rental Registration

To register for a mailbox rental service from NYC Virtual Office, simply visit their website and follow the step by step application procedure. Within a day of submitting the forms, and upon approval of them, you will be allocated a physical New York address that you can begin using immediately to receive and forward mail. On the site you can learn more about other great office services offered by NYC Virtual Office as well as a detailed subscription and breakdown of the rates for each service.