Monday, August 24, 2009

Mailbox Rental

Mailbox Rental Services

NYC Virtual Office offer mailbox rental services that include a comprehensive mail forwarding and receiving service, to businesses and private individuals who need assistance with there mailing needs. Mailbox rentals from NYC Virtual Office are very affordable and the PO boxes are very private and secure. Whenever you receive new mail you will be notified by the electronic notification system and can come and collect your mail at any time, or have it forwarded to a predetermined address anywhere in the world on a weekly basis. The service promises to be safer and more reliable than the traditional U.S mail service and other mail services.

Mailbox Rental Address

If you sign up for a mailbox rental from NYC Virtual Office, you are assigned your own private, unique physical address on 5th Avenue New York which you can use to send and receive mail. Regardless of where you stay in the U.S anyone can register for mailbox rental from which allows you to send and receive mail from anywhere in the world. The service allows businesses to expand onto the national and global markets.