Thursday, August 27, 2009

Phone Answering Service

Your Own Phone Answering Service

While doing all your business tasks, you are not always able to take all your calls. That is why many small businesses need to hire extra staff to help out, which can be very costly. Now many business owners can get their own phone answering service from NYC Virtual Office at a low monthly rate without the need to employ extra staff or install additional telephone lines. You are given a private and unique metro phone number which you are able to give to your clients to use as an alternative to when they are not able to reach you personally.

Getting your Messages from your Phone Answering Service

With NYC Virtual Offices phone answering service, you are able to check and retrieve all your messages easily by calling your number and entering your access code. If you like, NYC Virtual Office can also send you your messages in an audio format via email. The service is not only offered to businesses, individual who would like a message service can also sign up for their own phone answering service at