Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Telephone Answering Services

Reliable Telephone Answering Services

Due to the current recession, many businesses are looking for growth but may not have the means or funds to expand and obtain more business. In order for a business to handle new business they may need to hire extra staff which could be difficult to afford in the current economic conditions. For this reason NYC Virtual Office offers telephone answering services at a very affordable monthly rate. They will provide businesses and individuals with a unique phone number which the business can use as an alternative contact number for clients when they cannot reach the companies owner or staff.

Telephone Answering Services Registration

Registering for telephone answering services from NYC Virtual Office imply visit and follow the simple step by step sign up procedure.
Registration is quick and you will receive your number almost immediately. Messages left on the number are easily retrievable from any phone or can be emailed to you in an audio clip format. The service is very affordable and you do not have to sign lengthy contracts. In addition to telephone answering services, NYC Virtual Office also provides a comprehensive list of other virtual office solutions.