Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Business Mail Address

Prestigious Business Mail Address

NYC Virtual Office offer businesses and individuals the opportunity of having their own prestigious business mail address on New York’s infamous 5th Avenue. Their business mail address allows you to send and receive mail to and from anywhere in the world. The address is coupled to their revolutionary mail service which notifies you by means of an electronic notification system, whenever you have received new mail. You are also notified of when a package which you have chosen to be forwarded is on its way to its destination, to make tracking the package easier.

Getting your own Business Mail Address

Signing up for a business mail address form NYC Virtual Office is quick and easy when visiting their website www.nycvirtualoffice.com . The registration procedure is laid out in a step by step format which you are able to complete in minutes. On the website you are able to see a comprehensive list of other great virtual office services and the rates for each. You are not obliged to take out any lengthy contracts and can cancel your subscription to any of the services at anytime.