Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mailbox Services

Unbeatable Mailbox Services

NYC Virtual Office offers the most efficient mailbox services to businesses and individuals at unbeatable rates. The mailbox service comes complete with a unique physical postal address, which you or your business can use to send and receive mail throughout the world. The rates are lower than most competitors who offer a similar service, however NYC Virtual Office do not require you to take out lengthy contracts, but rather offer this service on a month to month subscription which you can end at any time. The service can also be coupled with other great virtual office solutions from NYC Virtual Office such as business answering and fax mail services.

Using Mailbox Services

Using mailbox services from NYC Virtual Office is easy. You will automatically be notified of any new mail you receive at the address provided to you, and then have the option of having the mail forwarded to you or to any other predetermined address around the world, once a week. If you are interested in these or other great services visit today and learn more about virtual office solutions for your business.