Friday, September 18, 2009

Phone Answering Service

Reliable, Cost Effective Phone Answering Service

The business world is very fast, which often makes it difficult to get around to your everyday tasks, or even just answering your phone. For this reason NYC Virtual Office provides an unbeatable phone answering service that is both reliable and cost effective. The service provides you with your own unique New York metro telephone number which you can give clients as a secondary contact number for your business where messages can be left for you. You are able to retrieve all your messages saved at the number from any phone or have the messages emailed to you in an audio clip.

Virtual Office and Phone Answering Services

When signing up for your phone answering service from NYC Virtual Office, you will also have the option of getting fax mail, and a range of other great virtual office services from them. They also offer an international mail forwarding and receiving service which is unrivalled by any competitors. Their services are very affordable and available to everyone regardless if you own a business or not. For more on these great services visit