Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Telephone Answering Services

Reliable Telephone Answering Services

NYC Virtual Office offers you the opportunity to use their reliable telephone answering services that will ensure that you or your business will never miss that all important call ever again. Their services are offered to private individual as well as businesses and you are able to use the service on a global scale to expand your business. You are given a New York metro telephone number where your call will be taken and the messages stored. You can access the number from any phone with a personal pin code to receive your messages and also have the option of getting your messages emailed to you in an audio format which can be saved onto your computers hard drive.

Costs of Telephone Answering Services

The cost of telephone answering services are very affordable and the most competitive in the industry. You do not have to take out any subscriptions and can cancel the service at any time. Sign up is fast and can easily be done at www.nycvirtualoffice.com . Once you have received your phone number you can start using it immediately and start giving it to all your clients.