Monday, October 19, 2009

Mail Forwarding Services

International Mail Forwarding Services

The cost of international shipping or postage is very high and can cause you to lose a lot of business as a result of the high fees involved. NYC Virtual Office offers their international mail forwarding services at a fraction of these costs. Their mail forwarding service provides you your own private mailbox which you can use to receive packages from all over the world, or forward packages to any where in the world from. Whenever you receive any new mail at your mailbox, you will be notified via their revolutionary electronic notification system, and you will then have the option of collecting or forwarding the package.

Advantages of Mail Forwarding Services

One of the major advantages of mail forwarding services from NYC Virtual Office is that you will save time and money on of running between your office and the post office trying to forward mail at high rates. Another advantage is that the service is fast and reliable as well as private and secure. Registering for the service is also fast and simple and can be done in minutes on their website where you can also learn about other great virtual office solutions from NYC Virtual Office.