Friday, October 16, 2009

Mailbox Services

Leading Mailbox Services

Mailbox services from NYC Virtual Office are the leading services of this kind in America. The services provide you or your business with a professional mailbox address on the prestigious and well known 5th Avenue, New York. The mailbox service also includes a comprehensive mail receiving and forwarding service which will allow you to receive and send mail to any place in the world at rates which are generally lower than the U.S postal service. Your mailbox is safe and secure and will not be shared by anyone else. Mail you receive at the address is also handled with the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality and your address will not be shared with marketing companies who want to send junk mail.

Mailbox Services and Virtual Office Solutions

In addition to great mailbox services, you can also learn more about other great virtual office solutions from on their website. These services include business answering services and fax mail services to name a few. You can see the rates of each service and if you would like to apply for any of the services, you simply need to follow the step by step online application procedure on the website.