Friday, October 23, 2009

PO Box

Reasons to Have a PO Box

One of the main reasons to have your own PO Box is to receive private mail. If you own a business or receive large amounts of mail on a monthly basis it is also a good idea to rather get a PO Box then to get the mail delivered to your home or office. When you are away all mail is stored safely in your mailbox rather then it lying around on your doorstep until you come back. Many PO box providers will also receive packages on your behalf and the store them for you until such time that you are able to come and collect them.

Leading PO Box Services

If you would like a PO Box which is safe, reliable and affordable, then a mailbox from NYC Virtual Office. They will allocate you with a mailbox on New York’s 5th Avenue, which comes complete with its own international mail receiving and forwarding service. One of the major advantages of getting a PO Box from is that they will notify you, via their electronic notification service, of every time that you receive new mail so that you no longer have to make any unnecessary trips to the post office.