Thursday, October 8, 2009

Virtual Office Assistant

Efficient Virtual Office Assistant

Many small business owners dream of having a personal assistant that can take care of the finer tasks of the business such as receiving and forwarding mail or taking phone calls when you are not able to. For this reason NYC Virtual Office has developed virtual office assistant services that can take care of all these tasks at a fraction of the costs of hiring a personal assistant. The service is very reliable and efficient and you will always be kept in form of new messages or mail that you receive.

Virtual Office Assistant Tasks

When registering for a virtual office assistant at , you will be able to choose from a range of services to suit your needs. NYC Virtual Office offer a complete international mail forwarding and receiving service which includes your own private mailbox as well as business answering and voice and fax mail solutions. You can choose the specific services that you need so that you do not end up paying for something that you don’t have a need for. The services are offered on a month to month basis which you can decide to cancel at any time.