Thursday, October 22, 2009

Voicemail Answering

Personal Voicemail Answering

NYC Virtual Office offer one of the best personal voicemail answering services of its kind to business and private individuals at the most competitive monthly rates. The service provides you with a unique New York metro phone number which you can use as an alternative contact number for customers or business associates. All messages at this number are stored and you are given a personal access code which will allow you to access your messages from any phone anywhere in the world. You also have the option of having all your messages emailed to you in an audio file for easier listening on your P.C or laptop.

Private Voicemail Answering Service

The voice mail answering service from NYC Virtual Office is very private and your number will not be shared or sold to other individuals or marketing organizations. The service is very affordable and is offered on a month to month basis which means that you are not obliged to sign any lengthy contracts and can opt out at any time. Sign up for the service is fast and simple and can be done on the website