Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Business Answering Service

Efficient Business Answering Service

Hiring extra staff in order to take care of certain business tasks is not always possible for a growing business in today’s tough economic times. If your business is expanding on a national or international scale, you will need the extra help and for this reason NYC Virtual Office has developed their innovative business answering service. The service allows you to have an alternative contact number which you can give to your clients and business associates as an alternative contact number for when they cannot get hold of you.

Using a Business Answering Service

Using the business answering service from NYC Virtual Office is very easy. After you have registered for the service on you will be given a unique phone number which you can use immediately to receive business calls. Whenever you receive a new message at this number you are notified immediately and can retrieve the message by accessing your mailbox with a personal access code, or you can have the messages forwarded to your email address in an easy to open audio file which you can listen to and store for further reference.