Friday, November 6, 2009

Mail Forwarding Services

Global Mail Forwarding Services

Global mail forwarding services from NYC Virtual Office will allow you to forward mail packages to any address in the world, at a more affordable rate than most postal companies. Along with the mail forwarding services you get a mail receiving service which comes complete with your very own private PO Box, which you are able to use for your business or individual mail needs. When a new package arrives at this address you can collect it in person, or have the option of having the package forwarded to you or anyone else regardless of where they stay, on a predetermined day of each week.

Mail Forwarding Services Tracking

Mail forwarding services or receiving services from makes it easy to keep track of any incoming or outgoing mail. This is because they make use of an innovative electronic notification system that lets you know whenever you receive a new mail package. The system also notifies you whenever one of your packages which you have chosen to forward, leaves your private mailbox for you to be able to determine when to expect its delivery or arrival.