Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Voicemail Answering

Professional Voicemail Answering

A voicemail answering service is great for any business which needs to handle many calls on a daily basis, but simply does not have the resources or man power to take the calls manually. Professional voicemail answering services such as the service offered b y NYC Virtual Office will ensure that you or your business will never miss a call again. When you register for this great service from them, you will be assigned your own unique New York metro phone number which you can give to clients or business associates as an alternative contact number for when you are unavailable.

How Voicemail Answering Works

The concept of voicemail answering from NYC Virtual Office is very simple. The answering service takes all calls and then allows the caller to leave a message. These calls are recorded and you can then retrieve the messages on any other phone anywhere in the world by using an access code to access your mailbox. You also have the option of having all the messages emailed o you in an audio format for you to easily listen to while doing other office tasks. The best part about the service available at www.nycvirtualoffice.com is that it is very reliable and cost effective.