Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mail Receiving Service

A Trouble Free Mail Receiving Service

Are you fed up always needing to make numerous trips to your post office, to collect your mail? NYC Virtual office are able to help in offering a mail receiving service for business concern in addition to individuals, who do not always possess the time to pick up their mail. When registering with them you will obtain a unique New York physical address where all your mail receiving and forwarding demands will be attended to. At this address you have the choice of either picking up your mail in person, or getting it forwarded to your house address.

How a Mail Receiving Service Functions.

Once you have applied, you will be supplied with a 5th Avenue, New York physical address. If new post or parcels are received at this address, you will be informed by means of an electronic notification method, of your new post. You then possess the choice to pick up or have your mail sent on to you, or a different specified address, on a predetermined day of the week. For a comprehensive mail receiving service in addition to additional office services like voicemail and fax mail services, visit