Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mail Receiving Services

Dependable Mail Receiving Services

Irrespective of whether you are a business concern or private individual, NYC Virtual Office are able to provide you with a mail receiving service that can spare you time and money. Opposed to a traditional post office box, they offer you a unique tangible address along 5th Avenue, New York. At this address you will be able to receive all your letters and parcels which ordinarily can't be mailed to your PO Box. With this physical address you are able to make certain that you will never miss a parcel ever again. The service also permits you to forward and mail any of your post to a acknowledged location.

The Advantages of a Mail Receiving Service

The mail receiving service provided by NYC Virtual Office is able to help save you time since you will not have to make regular trips to your local post office to pick up your mail. As soon as a new parcel or new post comes in, you are sent an electronic notification that you have mail. You then possess the choice of getting your post sent on straight to your house, or if you want you are able to come and pick it up yourself. You will be able to also choose to get all your post dispatched to you on a predetermined day of the week and you will be notified that your post is on its way to you. Require a 5th Avenue mailbox? Visit www.nycvirtualoffice.com