Sunday, December 27, 2009

PO Boxes

Acquiring Your Own PO Boxes

If you receive bulk quantities of mail, it is always suggested to get your own PO Box for privacy and safety. Generally many people would like to have their post mailed straight to their houses, but for businesses which receive high quantities of post on a day-to-day basis this is not always viable. If you need to receive bigger parcels a PO Box is ideal because you are able to collect it at any time and do not carry the risk of it getting lost if it is left outside your door.

PO Boxes from NYC Virtual Office

For anyone who would like a PO Box, but do not want to utilize the United States postal service or local post office, there is another alternative. NYC Virtual Office offer a mail forwarding and receiving service that comes complete with a personal PO Box address. At you are able to register for these in addition to other great services at a really low monthly price. There service is private and secure and you are guaranteed that your mail will always be safe and available for you to pick up at any time.