Monday, January 25, 2010

Phone Answering Service

Secure Phone Answering Service

When running a business enterprise it is challenging to accept all your calls from customers. That is why a lot of small business owners employ someone to take calls at a great cost. NYC Virtual Office can supply you with a secure phone answering service at a low monthly price without the need of being forced to employ someone or acquire additional phone lines for your business. You will be assigned your own New York Metro phone number that you will be able to give to customers as a secondary line for when you are not able to accept their calls.

Getting you Messages from Phone Answering Services

When utilizing NYC Virtual Offices phone answering service, you are able to check and get your messages at anytime by using a secret code from any telephone set. You also have the choice of getting your messages mailed to you in an audio format via e-mail. They provide this and additional outstanding office and mail services to business in addition to private individuals at an affordable price. You are able to sign up for their services on their website . Registration is easy and can be completed within minutes.