Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Virtual Office Assistant

Streamline your Office with a Virtual Office Assistant

When operating a business concern on your own it isn’t always possible to perform all your business chores when they have to be performed. A virtual office assistant is able to help save you time and money by attending to all your mailing, phone answering and facsimile mail demands. You will be able to now focus on more significant business tasks, by not bearing the hassle of running up and down to the local post office or missing crucial phone calls and messages. The best part is that these services can be yours for a really affordable price at NYC Virtual Office.

What a Virtual Office Assistant has to Offer

NYC Virtual Office enables you to register for all their services separately. When registering for mail services you are allocated a unique physical address in New York. With Voicemail and facsimile mail services you are given a unique New York Metro telephone number for all your phone answering and voicemail solutions. Registering for a virtual office assistant is fast and hassle free and can be done on the internet at www.nycvirtualoffice.com . Here you will be able to find more about these and other fantastic services offered by NYC Virtual Office.