Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voicemail Answering

Outstanding Voicemail Answering

If you own an expanding business concern that is losing customers as a result of not being capable of accepting all telephone calls, you should look at getting a voicemail service. NYC Virtual Office provides an outstanding voicemail answering service that will see to it that you never miss another crucial message or phone call ever again. The service is inexpensive and you are provided with your own unique telephone number that you will be able to use as an alternate for customers to leave a message when you are not able to accept their calls. In addition to the service being available to businesses, NYC Virtual Office provides this outstanding service to individuals as well.

Getting your Messages from your Voicemail Answering Service

Whenever you receive new voice messages NYC Virtual Office will inform you of them via their electronic notification system. You will be able to retrieve your messages from any telephone with a password or pin code that you have selected. You will also have the alternative of getting your messages sent on to you via e-mail in an audio file format that you will be able to listen to in your own time. Registration for voicemail answering services can be completed in a couple of minutes on