Friday, February 26, 2010

Business Answering Service

Top Business Answering Service

NYC Virtual Office is a leading provider of virtual office solutions at inexpensive monthly rates. They offer businesses with solutions for mail receiving and forwarding in addition to facsimile mail and business answering services. They provide your business with a unique New York metro phone number, which can be utilized as a contact number for customers when they are unable to get hold of you personally. Messages are taken at this number and saved by NYC Virtual Office. You are then able to recover your messages when it is convenient for you by means of a personal access code from any other telephone set, or you are able to choose to have it emailed to you in an audio file.

Business Answering Service and Office Services

All services provided by NYC Virtual Office are offered separately and you will be able to choose the services you would like to register for. This means that you are not compelled to register for a bundle of services if you only require the use of one of the services. has thorough explanations on all of the virtual office services on offer and the applicable prices for each one. The website has the step by step signup process which can be filled out in minutes.