Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mail Forwarding Services

Global Mail Forwarding Services

NYC Virtual Office offers global mail forwarding and receiving services at inexpensive prices for individuals as well as businesses that require a dependable mail service. You are allocated your own mailbox address where you can receive mail and then forward it to any predetermined address on the planet. An electronic notification system will inform you of any new mail that you get as soon as it comes in saving you the trouble of unnecessary trips to the local post office. The service also makes it simple to track parcels that have been forwarded by you because you are informed of when the parcel leaves and the estimated time it should take to arrive at its delivery destination.

Mail Forwarding Services Rates and Registration

International postage rates are really expensive and are able to run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you handle large amounts of mail on a regular basis. NYC Virtual Office charges a once off monthly rate to receive and forward all of your mail. You are not expected to take out lengthy subscriptions and are able to cancel the service at any time. All information as well as relevant prices for mail forwarding services and signing up for this and other fantastic virtual office services can be done on www.nycvirtualoffice.com