Monday, March 29, 2010

PO Boxes

Business PO Boxes

Whether you own a business or are a private individual, NYC Virtual Office are able to supply you with your own PO Box for all your mail demands. Their PO Boxes can be found on the notorious 5th Avenue New York which will provide your business with the exclusivity ordinarily associated with the address. You can send and receive mail internationally, and NYC Virtual Offices’ unique electronic notification system will inform you of any new mail that has arrived at the address or when forwarded mail leaves. You are then given the choice of collecting your mail or getting it forwarded to your door, anywhere in America.

Sign Up for NYC Virtual Office PO Boxes

PO Boxes from NYC Virtual Office are really inexpensive and offered to businesses or individuals on their website . They have taken care to make the registration and enrollment for the service as quick and easy as possible. Other than PO Boxes, they also offer a variety of other fantastic virtual office services like business answering services and facsimile mail services.