Thursday, March 4, 2010

Voicemail Answering Service

Best Voicemail Answering Service

NYC Virtual Office is a leading virtual provider of voicemail answering services for businesses and individuals. When signing up for the service you are allocated a secure telephone number which you are able to utilize as a secondary contact number if customers are not able to reach you. You are able to retrieve your messages from any telephone set by simply calling the voicemail service and entering your security code to access your messages. You also have the choice of having NYC Virtual Office email your messages to you in audio file to listen to and save onto your computer if you require them at a later stage.

Signing up for Voicemail Answering

Voicemail answering services from NYC Virtual Office are very cheap and more cost-efficient then having to get additional phone lines or employing staff to answer phone calls and take messages. Signing up for the service can be done on the website and is fast and easy to complete. After you have registered it takes a couple of minutes before you get your personal telephone number which you will be able to begin using straightaway. NYC Virtual Office also offers other innovative services such as facsimile mail and mailing solutions.