Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Business Answering Service

Professional Business Answering Service

When you are not able to accept your calls or are occupied on another call, you can have a professional business answering service accept all the calls that you would ordinarily miss otherwise. The service is really dependable and cost effective and is bought to you by NYC Virtual Office. Their business answering service provides you with your very own, unique phone number which you are able to give to all your clients and business associates as an alternative contact number for your business. The service picks up the call and lets the caller to leave a message which you can retrieve from any other telephone set. You also have the alternative of having the messages forwarded to you via e-mail, in an audio file format, to listen to on your computer.

Acquiring a Business Answering Service

Acquiring your own business answering service from NYC Virtual Office is as simple as visiting their website, www.nycvirtualoffice.com , and filling out the simple step by step registration. Within minutes you will be supplied with your telephone number which you can begin using right away. All information and prices for their services can also be found on their website.