Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mail Receiving Service

Private Mail Receiving Service

Making numerous trips to the local post office for your mail or even to check for new post can become annoying. For this reason NYC Virtual Office offers an innovative mail receiving facility which is fully exclusive as well as private. This service is offered to business enterprises and individuals and this will enable you to send and receive mail worldwide. This facility can inform you each time that you receive post, that way you never have to make unneeded trips to your local post office to collect your mail. When you are unable to pick up your mail you have the choice of getting it sent on to you on a predetermined day of the week, so that you know it's on its way.

NYC Virtual Office Mail Receiving Service

When you register for NYC Virtual Offices mail receiving service you will instantly be provided with a physical mailbox address on 5th Avenue New York. You will be able to begin using the mailbox to start receiving mail and forwarding mail throughout the world to your customers or your family. Signing up for the service is fast and simple and can be completed within a couple of minutes on their website