Friday, April 30, 2010

Mailbox Service

Benefits of a Mailbox Service

The leading benefit of having your own mailbox service is that you won’t have to make daily trips to your local post office to look for new mail. Using our hoe address could mean that our mail can be delivered to the wrong house or even go missing. For this reason NYC Virtual Office provides their mailbox services that will attend to all your mail forwarding and receiving requirements. They will provide you with your own physical mailbox address where you have the choice of picking up your mail or getting it forwarded to you on a predetermined day and time of the week. Whenever you get new mail you are informed so you don’t have to visit the post office daily to check if an important parcel has arrived yet.

Mailbox Service Costs and Sign Up

NYC Virtual Office provides their mailbox services on a month to month basis at a really low monthly rate. Signing up for your own mailbox rental service can be completed on their website where you are able to also learn about a variety of other fantastic virtual office services available like business answering and facsimile mail services.