Friday, April 23, 2010

Phone Answering Service

Outstanding Phone Answering Service

Generally, we find ourselves missing phone calls while we are tied up doing other business tasks like having meetings or being busy on another call. For this reason NYC Virtual Office designed one of the leading phone answering services in the industry to guarantee that you or your business will never miss a significant phone call ever again. Their innovative business answering provides you with an extra telephone number for a low monthly rate that you are able to use as an alternative contact number for your customers when you are not able to accept their calls. The service will answer the calls and take a message which you can retrieve from any other phone line.

Phone Answering Service Cost and Registration

NYC Virtual Office offer their phone answering service at a much lower monthly fee than having to get an extra line from you phone company. All prices can be found on their website , where you will also find the easy step by step registration procedure if you would like to capitalize on this great service. NYC Virtual Office also offers other fantastic services like mailbox rentals, fax mail and mail forwarding and receiving services at outstanding rates.