Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PO Boxes

Safe PO Boxes

One of the top providers of PO Boxes for individuals in addition to businesses is NYC Virtual Office. When you get a PO Box from them you can be sure that your mail will always be secure and that your address will never be shared or distributed to any third party marketing companies. Their PO Boxes are situated on the reputable 5th Avenue, New York and include a global mail receiving and forwarding service. What makes a post box from NYC Virtual Office so exceptional is that you will be informed of any new mail whenever you receive it and you will consequently no longer have to make any unneeded trips to the post office to check for new mail.

Getting PO Boxes from NYC Virtual Office

It doesn’t matter where you stay in the United States, you are able to get a PO Box from NYC Virtual Office anyway as they will forward your mail right to you on your preferred day of the week, if you are not able to collect it yourself. To get your own PO Box and mail service from NYC Virtual Office simply complete the step by step sign up procedure on their website .