Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Virtual Office Assistant

Efficient Virtual Office Assistant

Numerous small business owners dream of having a personal assistant that is able to attend to the finer tasks of the business like receiving and forwarding mail or taking calls when you are not able to. For this reason NYC Virtual Office has designed virtual office assistant services that are able to take care of all these chores at a fraction of the costs of employing a personal assistant. The service is really dependable and efficient and you will always be kept informed of new messages or post that you receive.

Virtual Office Assistant Tasks

When signing up for a virtual office assistant at www.nycvirtualoffice.com , you can select from a range of services to suit your requirements. NYC Virtual Office offer a complete global mail forwarding and receiving service which includes your own personal mailbox in addition to business answering and voice and facsimile mail solutions. You are able to pick out the specific services that you require so that you do not land up paying for something that you don’t have a need for. The services are offered on a month to month basis which you can choose to cancel at any time.