A Global Virtual Office

Too many businesses today are wasting time and effort on mail services and call answering and neglecting the more important aspects of their industry. NYCvirtualoffice.com places a global virtual office at your fingertips to relieve some of the burden. We can answer your incoming calls and put them into a personalized voicemail system that is equipped with a greeting that is customized by you. In addition to the voice mailbox service, we can receive your fax transmissions for you. All voicemail messages and facsimiles can be forwarded to the client via e-mail in an audio or picture file, respectively. The telephone messages can also be retrieved by the customer by using a phone. Each of these services comes with a unique New York metro area telephone or fax number.

For the total office package, we feature our mail receiving services. These services will complement your voicemail and faxmail options by providing you with a 5th Avenue street address in New York City along with mail receiving service. All of these plans can be obtained for a small monthly fee, or you can save even more by signing up for a 1 year plan. See the following pages for more details.

Mail Receiving Services for Every Situation

If you think that the office packages are only for businesses, think again. Our mail receiving services, as well as the voicemail and faxmail options, are very popular with individuals. The mail receiving plans are ideal for people seeking a substitute for a P.O. Box, people traveling around the country, overseas or foreign clients needing a US Mail address, or people that want their valuable packages received by professionals. Our facility on 5th Avenue in New York, your virtual business address, ensures that your important shipments are safe and secure. Once the shipment is received at our offices, it is sent to a predetermined destination, or you are welcome to pick it up. Whether you are in the market for one of our individual plans or need the tools to establish a global virtual office mail system, NYCvirtualoffice.com has what you need.