Jerry Shaf

I’ve been using NYMAIL for nearly 15 years and

have always had great customer service. Their

prices are very reasonable and their hours are

convenient. If you’re looking for a top-notch

experience, NYMAIL is the way to go!

Alexander Natiku

I have been a client for over a decade and have
never experienced anything but the utmost
professional attitude and performance. In all
those years they have never lost a piece of mail
or package,; they are very quick to notify by
email when a package com

John Barbosa

NY Mail is very responsive with fast turnover
and friendly staff!

Dwight Ali Williams

You can not find a more convenient location
and the service is outstanding! So if you are
starting a business or an actor starting out in
the business you could not have a better Vir-
tual Office.

Gary Petrash

Quick reliable service for over three years.
Thanks NYmail!

Patricia Lantis

I’m so impressd with this service — great staff,
open 6 days/week, notification when packages
arrive, reasonable proce, and they even have a
notary on premises. Couldn’t be happier!


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