Call - Email - or Fax us

  • Most issues are resolved over the phone or via email within 24 Hours.

  • Walk in to pickup your mail or we can forward it to you. Ask us for details
  • Postal Mail Billing is on a 2 month basis. Invoices are sent by email and also to your Virtual Office.
  • Voicemail & Faxmail Bills are sent by email only and a reminder is also sent to your voicemail box.
  • Payments can be mailed to us, or online. For added convenience you may also make payments over the phone.
  • All charges for packages must be paid in full upon receiving your package.

  • A complete Virtual Office - How your mail is processed.

    When mail or packages are received it is deposited in your box and electronic notification is sent to you. Most articles are processed within hours. Mail and Packages needing forwarding are on a predetermined day. In most cases you will not need support for service we provide, but there may be times when you have questions and we will be at your service.

    Rest assured

    Your mail is safe and will be delivered promptly. Most articles are processed as they are received.

    Voicemail Messages.

    Voice messages are emailed in wave file format. Messages may also be retrieved using a phone. Call your number, then press * during your greeting followed by your pin code. The system will then prompt you on playing your messages. You may change your greeting by pressing 8 for user options, then press 4.

    Note: After changing your greeting do not hangup, press any key for options to replay and save the greeting.

    Fax Mail Messages.

    All faxes are sent by email as a .tif attachment. Most PCs are equipped software to open these files

    You may also retrieve your faxes using a fax machine. Just call your number, press * between the first and second ring followed by your pin code. You will then be informed of the number of faxes in your box. At this point press 1 followed by the "start" button on your fax machine.