Total Virtual Office Services

Are you looking to bring your business into the 21st century? At, we provide your company with a total virtual office. Our technology enables us to provide you with many of the office support functions that are a necessity in today's business world. Whether you are a local business or have plans to go global, virtual office services handle your important incoming contacts so that you are able to focus on the critical business tasks.

Local or Global Virtual Office Space

At, we understand the needs of our business clients. In a world in which the good business deals are done face to face, a business professional cannot afford to be distracted or interrupted by outside telephone calls. With our global virtual office, our clients can rest assured that the telephone answering service will greet each incoming call with the client's personalized greeting. The caller will leave a message, which can then be sent to our customers via e-mail or can be retrieved by telephone.

Not only can provide telephone answering service, we can also provide facsimile service, providing you with a total virtual office solution. Each customer will receive a private fax number. When a fax is received, the information is forwarded to the recipient by e-mail. This convenient service eliminates the need for additional phone lines and does away with paper jams in the fax machine. This feature is also excellent for private use or as a business Virtual office. Rental packages can be mixed and matched.

Customize Virtual Office Rental Services

We have several packages to choose from. Virtual office rental can be used for business or private use. The voicemail plan and the faxmail plan are available for a small monthly fee. In addition to these office services, you can also combine them with our mail receiving service for an extra benefit. See the following pages for more information on this service.

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