Virtual Office: Mail Sent to NYC

The services that provides are also ideal for home-based business professionals. In order to compete in the commercial market, it is often important to have more than just a home mailing address with a home answering machine. With a provided virtual office assistant, mail is sent to a physical address on New York's prestigious 5th Avenue, rather than your own street. This virtual office space will allow you to customize your letterhead, business cards and other items with your own 5th Avenue, New York business address.

Not only do our packages provide you with a New York mailing address, we can also provide you with professional voice services and facsimile services. These items are critical for any business. Let us take care of these services for you. See below for the great features for these plans.

Virtual Office Space for Businesses

Unfortunately, you cannot be at all places at all times. In fact, if your business is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., five days a week, then your business is open less than 25% of the hours in a workweek. This assumes that you are in the office for the entire day. This is simply not realistic for a small business. Our global virtual office space helps with the times that you cannot be everywhere at once. The voicemail plan will receive your telephone messages and send them to you by e-mail or they can be retrieved by phone.

The Faxmail service provides businesses with the ability to receive faxes, a service that is a must have for a small business. However, this is no ordinary fax machine. Faxes sent to your private fax number are then sent to our clients via e-mail. Contact us to learn more about our voicemail, faxmail and virtual office mail services.

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