Virtual Office Solution for Overseas Clients

Virtual office services are excellent for overseas or foreign clients and companies. We provide a virtual office solution to foreign companies so that they can open the door to commercial ventures in the United States. A US virtual office provides the following benefits:

Allows for expansion in the United States market
Simplifies the process for bank accounts and credit cards
Increase domestic customer base in US
Save in shipping charges by consolidating received packages A virtual mail address in the United States increases confidence among the American customer base and is an important aspect in any expansion into the US market.

US Virtual Office for Domestic Customers

In addition to the US address, provides voice mailbox and faxmail services for our overseas customers. A US virtual office package provides not only a domestic address, but also a New York, New York telephone number. A United States telephone exchange provides domestic calling rates to your American customer base and should be included with your total virtual system solution package. Your customer's calls are answered by a custom greeting created by you. The message can then be retrieved by telephone or can be forwarded by e-mail.

The faxmail service is also an outstanding benefit to our overseas clients. Customers in the United States are able to fax information to you using a domestic phone number. The faxed documents are then e-mailed directly to our customer, eliminating the need for international calling rates.

Notification: Your Virtual Mail Address

An added benefit to our international clients is our electronic notification system. When an item is received at your virtual mail address, an electronic notification is sent to you. This feature enables the client to know that mail is received from a sender in advance of the client actually receiving the package. The mail is processed on an hourly basis. Therefore, the notification system is always up to date. The mail and packages are then sent on a predetermined day of the week. Invoicing for postal mail is on a 2 month basis and is sent by e-mail and to your voicemail box.

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